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Posted by Jacob in Design on Wednesday January 20th, 2016

Over the past couple months I have been working hard and following any tutorial I could get my hands on to improve my skills in both Javascript as well as animation and motion graphics in After Effects. I have to say, the hard work has paid off! I thought i'd post some of of the resources that helped me along the way.


Treehouse  was where I started my journey. Although it does cost $25 a month, I felt that, because I was paying for it I spent more time using it and learned more. Obviously there is so much more learning you can do on this site, but their course on Javascript, jQuery, and front-end web development were fantastic.

Codecademy is a similar site to Treehouse although the amount of courses aren't quite as vast. The good thing though, is that it is free to use. I went through their Javascript course as well just to make sure I knew my stuff.

Javascript and jQuery is a fantastic book by Jon Ducket. The examples and layout of the entire thing makes it easy to follow. I keep it on my desk just to reference back. It even goes through some interesting topics like ajax, maps, json, and forms. Ducket also has a HTML & CSS book that I went through 2 years ago or so that was a great refresher on the topic.

Motion Graphics

When I was younger my friends and I would make movies in our free time. This was my segway into video editing and eventually into making titles and even greenscreening in After Effects. Here are some of the awesome resources I came across.

Video Copilot has some fantastic content and products. Andrew Kramer makes some super cool videos and always manages to keep them funny and simple to follow. This is where I got started and still reference today. The After Effects Basic Training is where I, personally, started. 

School of Motion also has some super cool animation tutorials from super complex modeling all the way down to animation basics like squash and stretch. I highly reccomend their series 30 Days of After Effects.

Mt. Mograph is a youtube channel with dozens of animation and motion graphics tutorials.

Creative Cow forums have helped me solve quite a few questions I have had without ever actually having to even post to the boards.

r/AfterEffects is a great place to find some inspiration or ask a question.

Bonus Inspiration

Most of this stuff I check every day to get inspiration for my web designs, but there are some graphic and photography resources in here as well! Hopefully you find some of this helpful!



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